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What is the value range? What are velvet paintings worth? Simply great information with honestly and directness. Quite apart from the fact that art research can be incredibly time-consuming, I believe that you cannot give a true valuation based on an emailed photograph. The art is out there. I don't anticipate that this is likely to be a high ticket price item, as it's always difficult tracking down an artist for any item without a signature, but if you wish to sell it, you could approach a local auction house or dealer in art and antiques. Typically when you talk about the vintage vinyl record and cover market, condition is of the utmost importance, but Warhol covers seem to be immune to this. Although some think the painting isn't real, it's estimated to be worth between $114 million and $171 . It would be impossible for any one person to recognize the work of such a vast amount of people. The size of the painting is 2520cm. It is unknown where Coolidge got his idea for his first poker dogs painting (Poker Game, 1894).However, the image's composition is thought to have been inspired by works of Michelangelo Merisi da Caravaggio, Georges de La Tour, and Paul Czanne, who all have their own depictions of a card game scenealbeit with humans as the subject, rather than dogs. painters initials are c fr--d--r You could try searching online for auctioneers, then contact them via email to see if they would be able to assist you. Researching from an image is another matter. Pastel on paper. The original version of 'The White Horse' is in the Rijksmuseum in Amsterdam. Answer: Unfortunately, Franco is an incredibly common name both as a first name and as a sir-name, so I can't suggest a likely artist as there are many painters signing themselves that way. I skimmed through this page so hope this applies. RT @thevelvetbone: keeping track of every dollar I spend on The Velvet Bone phew lol. I don't reply to personal e-mails as this in turn reveals my private e-mail address, so I hope that you return to this article. Hello i have a painting that ive had for years its in a beautiful frame that looks really old the back of the painting dont have anything on it the front has a signature ive tried to look up the name but nothing comes up its not a full name its the painters initial then the last name its a painting of an old man that looks like he is from the Renaissance the name on it is N.Green if you could help it would be much appreciated thank you. Question: What do you, the writer of this article, know about a framed Linda Schneider oil painting in my possession? Answer: If you are looking for a valuation for insurance purposes you need to find an accredited valuer in your area who can provide you with the correct paperwork. Answer: Photographic collectibles are a specialist field. His paintings of boats and ships sell well at auction and sometimes sell for substantial amounts of money. If you search for this item online you will no doubt find similar examples on sites such as ebay and etsy. As described in the article above, there are many options for selling art. Amanda Severn (author) from UK on November 19, 2012: Hi Catine48, thank you for your great comment. Could it be of value? Nina C. Ayoub (March 6, 2011) "Tacky or Terrific? Many paintings are created by amateurs, or less-well known artists, and even when they are of a good standard they often have a low value because there are no collectors desperate to own them. Question: I have a Puente bullfighting oil painting. 1 Answer 1stDibs Expert October 19, 2021 Courtesy of Wiki Commons. Amanda Severn (author) from UK on February 24, 2013: Thank you for your positive feedback, Dawn Ca. Ernesto Sanchez Velvet Painting Indian Native American Spirit Buffalo 28x40. A simple image search on his name will quickly reveal pictures of his work from which you should be able to identify whether you have the right artist. Where can I go for help in identifying the artists? Thank you. Wonder at the online gallery of velvets. Lush beaches and fruity drinks were plentiful, and it was cheap. I have an oil painting, that I know nothing about. its a picture of a boy/girl and a cat. Art dealer Lou Kreitzman found her work and brought several pieces to display at the Hawaiian Pavilion at the 1964 Worlds Fair in New York. You've already signed up for some newsletters, but you haven't confirmed your address. Original works by Rembrandt are very valuable, and there are many forgeries and copies in circulation, so you would need to have your item authenticated in order to sell it as an original. Stay up to date - Subscribe to Newsletter! Views: 1548 Images: 23 Downloads: 0 Likes: 0, Tags: WELL PRICED. Whatever the circumstance, the point is that you need to know more about your old picture or painting. The perfect gift for your family, friends, and clients for all occasions including birthdays . Should I bring these items to an auctioneer or can I just take photos and send it to them. Ah, I didn't know you were in the UK. There are good reference books available showing facsimiles of many thousands of signatures, and you might find one of these at your local library. The two most commonly found forms of pastel drawing are made using either soft pastels, which have often have a chalky, dusty appearance, and oil pastels which are shinier, smudgier, and often bolder in colour. March 2nd 2023 @ 8:43pm EST. The most famous auction houses in the world are probably Sothebys and Christies. You can learn more about these by searching Dafen art factories online. As with any well-known artist of this caliber, there are large numbers of fakes and copies in circulation. You'll learn so much from researching the items you sell, that you'll soon be an expert! Question: I have several paintings by the famous Mexican artist Socram. As I have stated elsewhere, I'm not able to provide a valuation service. Find unreal value with everything starting at $1. The story behind the painting was where ever it's hanging right now it was contracted for him to do it for them and I guess a picture was taken of the original. Interesting hub. Amanda Severn (author) from UK on October 09, 2014: Moktar Msi, OhMe and GClark, thank you all for visiting this article and leaving such kind comments. If it was worth selling through auction previously, then there is a good chance it will be again. They were a part of my father-in-law's collection as he was a graphic artist in Providence, RI, and he knew Mr. Loring. Answer: You could try signing up to liveauctioneers.com. There are no bids at present, but you might want to see how that auction goes to get a feeling for any possible interest in similar works. The phrase 'listed artists' is used in reference to those whose works have passed through auction houses and major galleries sufficiently often for them to appear on listings sites such as Blouin's Art Sales Index. It is usually best to email your inquiry in the first instance. thanks for the hub. All the materials are intended for educational purposes only. The Snoopy in space design is not unique, as this artist definitely produced a number . Would you link directly to the database on www.mearto.com/search - it would be much appreciated. This can clearly be seen in the work of many of the illustrators and artists working around the end of the 19th century, such as Henri Toulouse-Lautrec, Vincent Van Gogh, and Aubrey Beardsley, where clean, uncluttered images became more important than the fussy, highly-detailed work of earlier European artists. Question: I have a copy of Philips Wouwerman's oli painting "The White Horse". I love to watch Antiques Roadshow and see the expressions when people find out something is of great value. I'm glad the article was useful. as they include images which are useful for comparison purposes. Most works of art are best examined in the flesh, and research work can be extremely time-consuming, and not always productive. I recommend you contact the relevant department of a large auction house by email including images of your item. Alternatively, you might be curious about something you have inherited or found in a thrift store, charity shop, car boot sale, or junk shop. I can send pics of it if you wish. This painting measures 14.5 inches tall and 23.5 inches in length. The plate can then be inked up and pressed onto damp paper, which will draw the ink out of the indentations left by the acid. My art collection consists of a few works from local friends, none of whom are famous, but all of whom are talented. As you know, anyone can set up a site like this, and the kind of paintings listed can literally sell for, thousands, tens of thousands, and in some cases hundreds of thousands of dollars. Answer: If you look at the auction listings for this artist on findartinfo.com, you'll get an idea of the spread of prices achieved for works by this artist. Question: What is the value of a Betty Neubauer print? There is a black flim over the whole painting. You should be able to get a feel for the range of prices typically achieved. Answer: The contemporary artist Linda Schneider produces high-quality art with a vintage feel. Some artists have become well known and collectable, but this doesn't always mean that their work has more merit than a painting by one of the hundreds of thousands of amateur artists who are not famous and not collectable. Answer: There are quite a number of artists named Whistler, so there are no guarantees that your item is by James McNeill Whistler(1834-1903) although the date does tie-in, and he was certainly an active producer of high-quality etchings. Please. It's signed by artist Nevarez on the front and the back indicates Hecho en Mexico. It's a small oil painting on paper. $63 $75 16% OFF. It doesn't even appear to be a real sir-name. The reason I say this is that a photographic image could just as easily be of a print, a copy or even a forgery and you need to actually see the item to be sure that it is none of these. Question: We have an extremely old painting. Answer: If you feel that you have a valuable item you could seek advice from an art dealer or auction house in your local area. If, however you are determined to find the artist of the other paiinting you could try Mearto.com or valuemystuff.com. [9] It reopened in December 2013 in the Chinatown neighborhood of Los Angeles.[10]. Read our Cookie Policy. Exceptional value with elegant style made in Italy. Woodcuts were popular throughout East Asia well into the 19th century, and some of the earliest examples, printed on cloth, are Chinese in origin. The 60's were a more liberated time on Hawaii. Question: I have two signed etchings from two different artists. Family Guy (1999) - S19E15 Customer of the Week 1.9s on a painting of a. Your painting may well be such an item, but unless you can identify the artist this could be difficult to prove. It is used in the form of a stick or a pastel pencil. If the painting gives you pleasure and you're not too concerned about its value, just hang it on the wall and enjoy it. If the surface is made up of tiny regular dots of colour then it's definitely a print. Joan Kowalski, president of Bob Ross Inc., said she has seen authentic Ross paintings sell online for $8,000 to $10,000 in recent years. His paintings of local French Polynesian women were very popular with the locals. Our open positions are: - Nail Technician focused on pedicures. When they first emerged on the market in the late 1950s, she let her then-husband take credit for her work. Soon, the paintings were associated with kitsch and primarily seen as tacky. Question: I inherited a bunch of mid century art from my dad. If you are unsuccessful, however, then it is often worth posting on a question and answer site such as WikiAnswers or YahooAnswers. I found a large sketch of a man in the attic of a 200 year old church How do I find out who he is. Early prints and etchings are an extremely specialised field, and only an expert can give you the right advice. Please bear in mind that the sticker on your item might have been applied long after the artist completed his work. If you use the free listings on findartinfo.com to research the sold at auction prices, you will see that many oil paintings by Bricher achieve thousands of dollars at auction, sometimes in the high thousands. But I've sold more than $100 million worth of velvets, and to me it's beautiful art." Over the years that Harden was selling the paintings unfolded a border story through which would pass. It's a wrap canvas no frame. Also is a certificate of authenticity that it is 1 on 1000. Maybe a cleric, or perhaps a generous member of the congregation. Duque furnishes the paint and the stretched velvet and pays Castillo about $1.75 for each finished painting. I recommend you approach an auction house with a dedicated art specialist on the team if you are hoping to sell your item. Question: I want to sell three signed pen-and-ink Paule Stetson Loring sketches. The dimensions are: 20 inches by 24 inches (in the frame). A highly collectible, hand-coloured political cartoon, "Visiting the Sick" by James Gillray, 1806. Can you help with any info? Picture restoration does not come cheaply, particularly when there is damage to the canvas, so you need to be sure the investment will not exceed potential profit. Rene Charles Edmund His (1877-1960) painted numerous countryside scenes, and his oil paintings do reasonably well at auction. Your WorthPoint account has been suspended. Answer: There are two Betty Neubauer prints currently listed on eBay with 'buy it now' prices of $134.99 and $225, respectively. None of it is worth enough to get appraised or go to an auction house. You should include photographs of the painting and the back of it. Printed signatures rarely look truly authentic. While it could be that no one will ever purchase it, I still value it. I got in the touch with a major local auction house for appraisal with the idea to get the value and maybe put it for auction. Answer: John Constable painted Dedham Lock and Mill in 1820. If you are still uncertain, examine the frame and backing for clues. This doesn't make them bad paintings. It is of course, impossible to tell without actually seeing the item in person. [7][8], In Portland, Oregon, a museum devoted solely to velvet paintings, the Velveteria, operated from late 2005 to January 2010. I have looked everywhere online. There are a lot of very important paintings out there that have gone missing over the centuries, and every so often a real gem turns up. You could reasonably approach a high-end auction house for advice. I don't think you need to send your painting to Europe for authentication. So if someone has rare antiques or art - they can submit it for a free appraisal here www.mearto.com/appraisal. Thanks for a nice article with magnificent photos. Please be aware, however, that there are many prints of this artist's work in circulation, and a print usually has only a fraction of the value of an original. I have 2 original, signed etchings by E. V. Maydell. The frame and the picture backing seem to be from the end of the 18th century or from the beginning of the 19th century. Turning off personalized advertising opts you out of these sales. Learn more in our Privacy Policy., Help Center, and Cookies & Similar Technologies Policy. Once you've checked that your picture is definitely not a print of a more saleable original, it might pay to do some further research. Hi, I recently came across 4 pieces of art that I would like to research. Bricher was a prolific artist, and there are no doubt many 'copies' of his work around as well as originals. Tools are commensurate, with some some spots are age related patina and delamination. Very informative. Velvet is good with some balding spots. An oil painting can be created on board, canvas, panel, paper, or even ivory. Pastels have been around since at least the 15th century and many famous artists have used them to great effect. On the back of each of the pictures, the cardboard backing has a circular stamp done in black ink. What is the price? It was sold by Taylor & Brown fine art experts. I live in Austin TX. I bought it at a flea market because I'm very intrigued by it. He cleaned and restored paintings from the 1500s, 1600s, and 1700s. There are many lost masterpieces around waiting to be re-discovered. South Park (1997) - S13E11 Comedy 1.8s The answer is proximity. Velvet paintings can be flashy and masterful, and the technique requires a surprisingly skilled hand. Name Value Blade Length 12" Overall Length 17 - 1/4" Paperwork, Name, Value, Blade Length, 12", Overall Length, 17 - 1/4", Paperwork toy . Question: Where can I take an original picture by James Ingwersen to be appraised? W. Amadeo's work does occasionally appear at auction. There were several pictures created around this time which depict the baptism of Christ, and they may be similar to your description. Paint-by-number sets and velvet kits sold well, and the psychedelic vibe of the time gave rise to glowing blacklight paintings in vivid neons. You need to ascertain which M. Guerrero painted your picture, then research further with the correct information. Try looking on the wikipedia page for Cyrillic Alphabet. There are several etchings by John Cameron listed on there. Welcome to Velveteria: The World's Only Velvet Art Museum. The artist that you mention is not one I've ever heard of, and a search on his name draws a complete blank. 48.00, 60.00 Ask an Expert General Questions Antiques Appraiser LadyTanya65, Certified Appraiser Satisfied Customers LadyTanya65 is online now Related Antiques Questions Found an old oil painting. Velvety soft upholstery in a chic sandstone gray upholstery takes neutral to another level. Original Price 55.00 I am based in San Antonio, Texas. Good luck in your quest. Hello, I have found what appears to be a print on cloth of three asian women and the cloth is thumbtacked to a stamped board. Because they tend to be produced by the artist himself rather than by an engraver or print studio, etchings are often more highly sought-after. Art and antique dealers can also be helpful, but it's best to ask several for their offers if you are hoping to sell, as they are people with a living to earn, and are unlikely to offer top dollar prices. We also offer tips on how to find valuable art at garage sales, flea markets and thrift shops. At first, i wish to thank you for sparing your time for replying to me. Amanda Severn (author) from UK on October 27, 2018: Italo Botti was a 20th century artist born in New york of Italian immigrant parents. Mass produced prints are generally low value items, and their resale value is dependant on the quality of the frame and the overall presentation. Follow the link to his Wikipedia Page : https://translate.google.co.uk/translate?hl=en&//de.wikipedia.org/wiki/Ernst_von_Maydell&prev=search. In a house of a smoker without a frame and was torn in a move. Good luck with your research, and thanks for commenting. Hi Amanda, thanks for this great wealth of information. 30.48, 38.10 Question: My husband had an old oil painting by Maurice Meyer. "The Dancers" Edgar Degas, about 1899. Amanda Severn (author) from UK on May 31, 2015: Renee, researching pictures takes a great deal perseverance. [citation needed], Edgar Leeteg (19041953), often considered the father of American velvet painting, did his best works between 1933 and 1953. How much is it worth? How my h is my painting worth its a bowl of pears by AF BONNARDEL. That's a great help and starting point. Amanda Severn (author) from UK on September 17, 2011: Hi Carrie, glad you found some useful info here. MANUEL ACOSTA (1921-1989) "Smoke Break, 1965" Oil on velvet 33in. Serving up a refined, upscale lookat an incomparable value pricethis loveseat lures from every angle. The value of the item sold was $225 (USD). Mention a velvet painting to some in the art world, and youll probably get a sneer and a mocking laugh as if such material could even be considered art. You may be in the next edition of The Art Hunters Handbook! Amanda Severn (author) from UK on November 09, 2012: Hi Sharonecali, thank you for posting this. The most obvious avenue is to start by finding out who the artist is, and whether his paintings are successful in the salerooms of various auction houses. What would an original Whistler etching be worth? It features lovely hand painted and signed pictures of the King and other celebrities on soft deep rich velvet. If you are reading this article, there's a good chance that you may have a treasured old painting at home you've owned for years. Answer: Any item is only worth what someone else is prepared to pay for it. or Best Offer. If, however, your picture is just a print, then it willl not be worth nearly as much as the original work of art, and you might consider selling it through a dealer or via an auction website. I suspect that your pictures may be prints. LARGE 29x39 Vintage ELVIS VELVET PAINTING wood frame wall art Mexico. Locally based auction houses, art dealers, and art appraisers are all easily discovered by researching on the internet. Good luck, and thank you for posting. i have read your article but unfortunately i still need some professional help in this matter as i don't posses the know how. Good luck! In the 1950s, velvet paintings proliferated in tourist markets in cities all along the U.S.-Mexican border, including Ciudad Juarez, a town just across the border from El Paso, Texas, that was known as a place for Americans to ditch their Puritan roots and run amok. By looking at a range of paintings by this artist you should get a feel for the kind of money you might reasonably expect to make were you to sell your item. Experts in this field justifiably charge a fee for their services, and you should expect to pay a reasonable sum if you engage the assistance of a researcher. Georgia 30328 | 877.481.5750, Spring Forward with Steiffs Vintage Velvet Field & Forest Friends, Finding Nice Paintings at Bargain Prices Is Not Impossible, Harry Rinkers Tips on Researching and Authenticating Oil Paintings Part I, Hawaiian Missionary Stamps: The History of an Icon. You might also try researching on eBay and liveauctioneers.com as both of these sites frequently sell lower priced artworks that do not pass successfully through the more high profile auction houses. Question: I have an oil painting in the style of Reubens, and there appears to be another painting underneath. Guerrero is a fairly common Spanish sir-name, and there are a number of listed artists by this name. Someone might just take a shine to it. You can't blame them if they seek to take advantage of an innocent punter. miraculous ladybug fanfiction good gabriel, las vegas paid out election bets 2021, who wrote snl cork soakers,